Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Mexico Mission Trip October 18-21

We are just about to embark on our mission trip to Gallup, New Mexico. Please pray for your mission team, the churches that we will be working with, and the people of Gallup.

Hebron Baptist Church's New Mexico Mission Team

Joe Alain
Rhonda Alain
Joe Averett
Melissa Averett
Don Breaux
Janis Breaux
Elaina Breaux
Nathan Breaux
Hope Johnson
Destry McFearin

Ministry Dates: October 18-21 (Sunday-Wednesday)

Location: First Indian Church, Gallup, New Mexico

Tribe: Navaho, Multicultural

Ministry Activities: Conducting worship/revival services on Sunday and each evening through Wednesday.

Other Possible Ministries: Feeding ministry, Bible clubs, prayer walking, etc. ?

For His Glory!
Pastor Joe

Monday, October 5, 2009

Thoughts On Our New Building Project

Following are some notes that relate to a recent church business meeting and report from your Steering Committee. I will be expanding upon these thoughts in my upcoming message this Sunday, October 11th.

Yes, business meetings can be exciting! Our recent business meeting, Sunday, September 13th was a blessing! Aside from taking care of our regular business, the Steering Committee (Jerry Harris, Chairman) gave a report of their work followed by a good amount of discussion. The spirit of the meeting including the comments and suggestions was overwhelmingly positive. At the risk of sounding cliche, I do believe this was a kind of “breakthrough” moment for us. As a result of the meeting, people left encouraged and with renewed passion to move forward with God by faith!

After providing a brief historical overview of our building campaign, Jerry reported that (1) A topographical survey has been completed, (2) Soil boring tests have been performed, (3) Building plans are being finalized, and (4) The committee has met with Livingston Parish officials.

It was reported that “Estimate of Giving” cards have been received totaling – $736,000. Our Building Fund now stands at $216,552.78. The Steering Committee has met with a financial institution representative, and based on our current estimates of giving, we could borrow in the area of two (2) million dollars, approximately two (2) million dollars less than is needed to build our original project. The committee has met with Allen Construction to develop several cost-reducing options, one option came in at 3.5 million and the other at 2.5 million. Conceptual drawings of the two options were shown to the congregation at the recent business meeting.

After much discussion about the various options, their was unanimous support for continuing with our original plans, even if it might take a little longer to see them fulfilled. Several key areas came out of the comments presented at our meeting that we will be pursuing.

1. A renewed emphasis on securing “Estimate of Giving” cards.

Many people were not aware how important the “Estimate of Giving” cards are in securing funds from a financial institution. Because this is essential to our borrowing funds, more information about this needs to be shared with the church. Some people are giving to the building program but have not completed an “Estimate of Giving” card. We will be sending out a letter to the church explaining the importance of the “Estimate of Giving” cards to our campaign and asking for people to prayerfully considering completing one if they have not.

2. Increased communication of the work the project.
I will be asking the Steering Committee to make a brief report (3-5 min.) and offer a prayer for God’s blessing and direction once per month on a Sunday morning. In this way, the project will be kept before the congregation not only as a matter of information but also for prayer. Continued efforts will be made at publishing building program updates in the newsletter, bulletin, and online.

3. Using visuals to communicate our giving status and goals.
We will work on creating some type of visual that will easily communicate to the church each Sunday where we stand in reaching our various financial goals.

One more thought. It is easy to become impatient in a project like the one that we are undertaking. One of Satan’s tactics to keep us from seeing our dreams fulfilled is that he gets us to doubt the dreams. One of his greatest allies is our impatience, along with fear, worry, anxiety, second-guessing, and frustration that usually accompany it. Remember, God’s timing usually differs from our expectations. Delay of a dream does not necessarily mean denial, it just means we keep working and waiting on God.

Even though we have been working in earnest for about two years, let me assure you that this really is not that long of a period of time, neither is this uncommon in a project of this scope. When I was in Port Allen it took probably a total of six years to go from dream to fulfillment. I’m not suggesting it will take anywhere near that time; however, I do not want you to get discouraged if we hit a few speed bumps along the way. After all, if it was easy, every church in Livingston Parish would be building new facilities! When you look at the big picture, we are progressing very well. Building plans are almost complete, survey work has been completed, and we have almost a third of our pledged amount, $216,000 in the bank.

So what do we need to do?
1. Pray that as a church we will stay focused on our mission of sharing the Good News of Christ with our community. We must not forget what we’re here for and it is not to build a building, but to see God build His kingdom. Pray that we will have God’s heart for people. Pray for the work of the steering committee. Pray that God would supply all our needs.

2. If you haven’t already done so, we would ask you to prayerfully complete an “Estimate of Giving” card so that we can include your contributions in our pledged totals.

3. Talk up the good things that are happening at Hebron – God-centered worship, relevant Bible studies, Family friendly Upward Soccer and Kids Time, just to name a few.

4. Be a part of what makes Hebron a great church. Be positive, welcoming, and mission-minded. Invite your neighbors, co-workers, and friends to join us. What makes Hebron a great church is its people who love God and love others. Find your place in the church body, serve faithfully, and be a blessing!

For His Glory!

Pastor Joe
“Phil. 1:3”